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I’m the Hyphy Wifey. I’m in my 30’s, I live in Oaksterdam, and I am a medical marijuana patient of California. I  became a wifey in July 2011. I am now living outside of California, trying to spread the good word about the healing benefits of marijuana. For safety reasons, I can’t disclose where I am but for transparency sake – I am sadly no longer in Oaksterdam though I do come back to visit.

Image courtesy of Flickr user jdnx.

I graduated from Oaksterdam University (for serious – this is a real school!) back in 2010. Valedictorian of my class – one of the proudest, oddest and most HIGHlarious moments of my life. Don’t get it twisted though, I loved my professors and learned a lot. OU is an excellent resource if you want to learn more about cultivation and the cannabis industry.

Cannabis cooking combines two of my passions: marijuana and baking! I have been developing my own methods and cannabis recipes over the years but my baking went to another level back in 2009. My sister was getting married and my mother convinced me to take a few cake decorating classes so we could bake my sister’s wedding cake. I have always loved to bake but preparing to make a wedding cake was a daunting task.

my sister’s wedding cake

Although it was stressful, I loved the whole process and was even crazy enough to do it again for my own wedding! I designed, baked, and frosted some of my cake – but also had the help from relatives since I was busy being a bride.

my Star Wars wedding cake

I obtained my medical card for a variety of reasons. It was prescribed for my intense motion sickness and nausea issues (though over time, I have come to use it for anxiety, depression, insomnia, and muscle pain relief). My Doctor in California recommended that I only vape or ingest cannabis so I have been relying on edibles more. There are a variety of edible choices in the dispensaries nowadays but I still prefer homemade goods over any store bought. I can control what ingredients go into the product which is super important to me since I have multiple food allergies. I can also control the dosage of my edibles and it’s much more cost efficient for me to bake instead of smoke. This is obviously not the norm outside of California – hopefully there will be a domino effect with states starting to legalize more and more. It’s my dream that everyone will be able to go to a local dispensary to buy legal edibles. Even better, if people learned to grow and harvest their own marijuana plants and learn how to bake their own edibles! It saves an incredible amount of money and gives the consumer total control.

I have started Hyphy Wifey with the intention of sharing the knowledge I have gathered over the years with my fellow patients and to document my experiments. Welcome to my cannabis kitchen – let’s get hyphy!


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