Root Beer Weed Shot

I’m going to reveal one of my party tricks today: a root beer weed shot. Warning: this shot is not for the faint of heart.

This unusual edible (if you can even call it that) came about in a moment of desperation. I came home from a long day at work on a Friday and realized I had no edibles to munch on. That wouldn’t be a big deal on a normal day. But on this particular Friday, I was heading out for a night on the town where I wouldn’t be able to just go outside and toke up. If I recall correctly, I was heading out to catch a secret comedy show of Dave Chappelle’s in downtown Oakland. I wanted to get BLAZED for this show and stay blazed – I needed an edible to get me thru (as it turned out, the two hour show turned into a four hour show because Chappelle refused to get off the stage)! Sure, I could have gone down to the local dispensary two blocks away and picked up an edible but I had all this canna-oil laying around…

That’s when the root beer weed shot came to me.

Root Beer Weed ShotStep 1 – get a shot glass. Preferably a commemorative one of a bison from Yellowstone National Park.

Root Beer Weed ShotStep 2 – pour in the root beer. Of course, you could do this with whatever soda or juice, or even alcohol, you have laying around the house. The reason I chose root beer is that it has a strong flavor that (almost) mitigates the weedy/earthy flavor of the cannaoil.

Step 3 – add your canna-oil! I put in about tablespoon, but your dosage will depend on how hyphy you want to get and how strong your canna-oil is.

IMPORTANT: take the shot immediately after adding the canna-oil. The canna-oil should stay on top of the surface so it’s the first thing that hits the back of your throat, followed immediately by the root beer which drowns the taste. Don’t stir it in!

This will NOT taste good. It’s just a means to an end – luckily my end was this!


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