Happy Holidaze!


It’s that time of year again – roll up your blunts and joints; pack your bowls and bongs; charge up your vape; and get your canna-oil and cannabutter ready for the greatest day of the year! HAPPY 4/20!!!!!!!!!!


The thing I love the most about 4/20 is the camaraderie and generosity of my fellow tokers. People are so willing to share their bud and they genuinely want you to enjoy yourself. Granted, it’s like that almost everyday in Oakland but people go above and beyond here on 4/20!

Canna-Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

Canna-Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s also a great excuse to make some edibles and share with your friends (like my famous Canna-Oil Chocolate Chip Cookies pictured above)! 4/20 was ALWAYS about making edibles when I was growing up. It was such a rare treat to have that much weed to make them so we pretty much only did it once a year! So much has changed since my first 4/20, back when I was 17… I hope and pray that marijuana legalization steps up its game in the next few years.

JointHope everyone has a hyphy kushy spacey 4/20! And please remember to be safe, wherever you are!

Peace and love to you all!

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