*Please note: these are just my general observations over several years of making and consuming edibles. I am not a scientist but I have a lot of experience. Just be safe and use good judgement!*

For many, the hardest part about making edibles will be getting the dosage right. It is important to remember that people’s tolerance levels vary from person to person. If you are the type of person that gets high after taking one bong hit or one puff, then you will want to start slow. Try just *ONE* bite of your edible and wait 1-2 hours before trying another bite.

Your high will also vary depending on what you have eaten that day. To get the fullest effects of your edible, you will want to consume it on an empty stomach. If you have a high metabolism, you will start to feel high about 45-60 minutes after eating your edible. If you have a low metabolism, it will probably take around two hours to feel it.


I have seen  many people get overly-high (yes, it’s possible!) to the point of panic attacks and even puking because they have eaten too much of an edible. Another problem is when your edible tastes REALLY good and doesn’t have that “weedy” aftertaste. This is a problem because you just want to eat another great tasting brownie because it’s yummy…but you don’t realize how much weed you are actually ingesting until its too late. For most stoners, getting super high is the point of eating edibles so most regular tokers don’t have to worry about these issues! But I think it’s important to point out because I have witnessed some really bad highs from newbies.

And of course, the potency of your edible will depend on what kind of bud you use. I am able to buy baker’s ounces at a nearby dispensary which mostly consists of high grade trimmings. You wouldn’t want to smoke it but it’s perfect for baking. If you’re using a lower grade bud then the potency will be obviously be lower.


high grade trimmings from a baker’s ounce

This is the amount of bud I put in, depending on how heavy I want the dose to be.

HIGH DOSE: 1/2 ounce (14 g) of really good bud or trimmings (high grade, dispensary quality). Double that if you are using schwag or lower quality bud.

LOW DOSE: 1/4 ounce (7 g) of really good bud or trimmings (high grade, dispensary quality). Double that if you are using schwag or lower quality bud.

If you have a low tolerance, you can either use these dosages and ingest smaller portions OR you can put in a lower amount of bud. Practice makes perfect – adjust your recipes and see what works for you! Everyone is different. I personally like to get HYPHY so I have been known to put in even more then a 1/2 ounce 😉

OVERDOSING: Of course, there is no physically possible way to overdose and die from either ingesting or smoking too much marijuana. However, I have definitely “overdosed” on edibles by either eating too much or putting too much weed in the batch. Luckily, one of the side effects is sleeping. You will probably just have a heavy sleep (and if you suffer from insomnia, this might be a good thing!). But like I said above, you may have a panic attack or puke (rare) if you are not used to the effects. If this happens to you, try to calm yourself down, drink some water and take a nap. Remember that it will wear off eventually. If you are really worried, call a friend who will help you take your mind off your worries.


Here is another thing to keep in mind – where do you live? Before I moved to California, I could only afford to make edibles once or twice a year because getting pot was not only a hassle but expensive! When I first started buying edibles at the dispensaries in California, I would get SOOOOOOOOO high! I felt like I was back in high school and trying pot for the first time. I had been toking for a little over ten years by the time I moved to California – I had earned my “stoner” badge and was by no means a newbie. But the reason I got so incredibly blitzed was because my body was used to SMOKING marijuana, but not INGESTING marijuana. Your body is much more efficient at absorbing all that wonderful THC and CBDs when you ingest marijuana – that’s why the high is so incredibly intense. So for all you every day stoners that don’t eat edibles too often – all of my warnings still apply to you! Start off SLOW and see what your tolerance is. Also keep in mind, that just like with toking, your tolerance will get higher (haha no pun intended) over time. Meaning, the more you eat edibles – the higher dosage you will need to obtain the high you want.

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