Cannabutter Recipe Finally Up!

CannabutterWell, it’s only taken me three years but I finally have my recipe for cannabutter up on the blog! You can read the recipe here or click on “Cannabutter” at the top of the page to get the step-by-step directions to make your own cannabutter.

As most of you know, my preferred method to cooking with cannabis is with canna-oil but occasionally I will make cannabutter. Truth be told, it’s a lot easier to find recipes that use butter than oil. It’s just faster to make canna-oil which is why I usually opt for oil over butter. But it’s definitely worth knowing how to make cannabutter and now I can share some of my favorite cannabutter recipes with you all!

Stay tuned for more butter recipes on the blog! And as always, get baked my friends!

get baked

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  1. When it comes to infusing butter, the longer you let the cannabis product simmer, the more cannabinoids will be infused into the final product. After simmering for your desired amount of time, pour the hot mixture into a glass, refrigerator-safe container, using a cheese cloth or fine mesh strainer to strain out all plant product from the butter mixture.

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